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ICLICK INU is a blockchain-based platform that offers advertising and monetization services. It allows users to earn rewards through paid-to-click (PTC) advertising and provides advertising solutions for businesses to promote their products or services.

How does ICLICK INU's advertising system work?

ICLICK INU's advertising system allows businesses to create and display ads to a targeted audience. Users can earn rewards by clicking on these ads and visiting websites. The platform ensures transparency and provides detailed analytics to measure the effectiveness of the campaigns.

What are the benefits of using ICLICK INU for advertising?

ICLICK INU offers a secure and transparent platform for advertising. It provides access to a large user base, targeting options, and real-time analytics. The platform also utilizes blockchain technology for enhanced security and trust.

How can I earn rewards through paid-to-click (PTC) advertising?

To earn rewards through PTC advertising, simply sign up for an account on ICLICK INU, browse available ads, and click on them. Each click will earn you a certain amount of rewards, which can be accumulated and withdrawn directly into your wallet that is connected to your account.

How to withdraw?

Connect your wallet that you use to subscribe and click on withdraw then follow the steps by comfirming and the appove .

Can I be able to withdraw with another wallet?

No you cannot change your wallet thatis connected to your email and username.

What is ads credit?

Ads credit is the fund use to buy advert from ICLICK INU system .

Can i use the ads credit to pay for subscription?

No you cannot use to pay for subscription, the ads credit is meant to buy advert .

Can i be able to upgrade to downgrade my plan?

No you cannot be able to upgrade or downgrade from your present plan.

What is the the minimum and maximum deposit?

Minimum deposite is $10 and no maximum deposite.

Can i earn commissin as a free member?

No you cannot earn commission as a free member, you will need to subscribe to any of the avaliable plan.

Can i be able to tranfer my balance?

Yes you can be able to transfer your balance to another member but there is fees of 2% + $2.

How does the calculator works?

The calculator only use to know more or less how much your can earn from your network, the profit displayed in the result of the calculator is not guaranteed.

Where is my earning coming from?

The Earnings are coming from Ads viewed and commission.

Can I make direct deposit?

Yes you can deposit directly to the system to buy Advert.

Can I refer and earn?

Sure you can refer your friends and family using your refrral link.

How to use the APP?

The App is exclusively for completing your daily task and to create advert, you can not use the app to subscribe to any plan, deposit or to withdraw fund.

How to view ads?

Login to your account, click on menu PTC and click on ADS, choose the ads you will like to view, wait for the counter to complete and answer the question that appear on your screen and then click on confirm.

Which exchange can trade the coin?

We are going to get the token listed on major CEX and DEX platform.

Total supply of the coin?

Total supply of ICLICK INU IS 50BN Token.

If I forgot my login detail can I retrieve it?

You can retrieve your password by using the forget password menu, fill the form and follow the instructions.

Is my earning in crypto or Fiat?

Your earning is in crypto currency.


Our Main Features

Begin Your Journey with iClick Inu: A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Started with Advertising and Monetization.

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    Sign Up For An Account:

    Sign up for an account by going to the signup page and fill in your details..
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    Connect Wallet

    Connect your wallet and Fund your trading wallet by depositing money to your account and subscribe to any package of your choice..
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    Earn And Withdraw

    View ads, start earning and Withdraw your earnings directly to your wallet.

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